• To promote Bourne in terms of trade and commerce.

  • To provide a business platform for local entrepreneurs and professionals to discuss their business issues, share ideas and grow their businesses.

  • To promote and foster bonds of friendship, contact, information and standards of conduct between and for the mutual benefit of business people in the Bourne area.

  • To grow the business club to include all local businesses, small and large, to provide as broad a spectrum as possible of Bourne in business.

  • Holding monthly meetings for local business leaders, providing an informal forum arena for discussion and networking.

  • Recommending useful websites and current special offers to fellow members.

  • Holding the monthly meetings from time to time at local business premises.

  • We invite speakers each month from a range of backgrounds to talk on a wide range of issues including manufacturing and industry, politics, importing and exporting, finance, advertising, marketing and much more.

  • Proactive membership of and involvement in committees, organisations and other bodies regarding the promotion and welfare of the Bourne area.

  • Social events involving spouses and families of Club Members.

  • The Bourne in Business Community Award – awarded annually by the Club to a person who has made a truly outstanding contribution to business or/and community life in Bourne. (Other awards?)

  • Attending events of other organisations and business clubs.

  • Inviting other business clubs to attend our meetings. (Managed to 1 per meeting)

  • Bourne in Business Newsflash E-mailings.

  • We provide a website for all members to promote their businesses and a Facebook page as a forum for discussion.

  • We encourage the giving and receiving of business leads within the business club to help promote local business and endeavour to recommend fellow members for business opportunities wherever possible and appropriate.

Connecting, Innovating, Sharing and Supporting

  • Bourne in Business would like to invite you to join our business club. Here, we know the importance of networking and we are dedicated to creating and maintaining a leading business club for businesses in and around Bourne.

  • Bourne in Business is here to help you make those key business connections and contacts through regular networking. We are also passionate about giving you an opportunity to share your experiences and provide mutual support to each other in a welcoming environment.

  • As well as providing this platform and support network, we are always working towards creating innovative and exciting networking events, with keynote speakers and facilitation so you can really achieve your best in your business.

Aims and objectives of Bourne in Business

We welcome new members

How do we achieve our aims and objectives?