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By bournebc, Nov 17 2017 05:10PM

Please find below the agenda for the next Bourne In Business meeting. This will be on Tuesday 21st November at 6pm at The Angel Hotel. There will be some refreshments provided .

This month, I will be presenting and speak about Financial matters (I have decided to cancel the Tuneless Choir this month and aim to reschedule this for January). I have a natural reluctance to speak at meetings, as I want to give others a chance, however it’s almost 3 years since I last spoke about this area. What I aim to do is explain about the main changes around pensions and I will give you some financial tips as self-employed and business owners about how to be as tax efficient as possible, although this could all change as the chancellor is giving his budget speech the day after.

Time allowing, I will also explain about joint tenancy vs tenants in common and briefly outline the difference between these 2 areas, an area of massive importance to you all, although many of you will not have a clue what I’m on about

By all means, ask me questions about anything at all

Finally, numbers for the Newtons Tapas Christmas do are filling fast and I understand 40 people are registered to come, so please book your place asap with Joanne. She has just emailed you for the deposits, so would you please oblige and ensure a minimum of £10 is deposited into the Lloyds account



Round Robin

News Slot

Tips & Sharing – Claire


Guest Speaker, Paul Ross

Close – Peter

I hope to see you at the meeting

Kind regards


By bournebc, Sep 22 2017 05:59PM

Below are the minutes from the last meeting and in Joanne’s absence were compiled by Peter Jackson, which we’re very grateful for – thank you, Peter

Minutes of the Bourne in Business members meeting 19 September 2017 6pm at The Angel Hotel

. Welcome to all and, in particular, new members.

. Introduction to individual businesses.

. Paul reminded us about the BiB “goodie bags”, these will be available in the near future.

. Local News;

SKDC is holding an evening event to consult local businesses on the new SKDC Development Plan. The venue is Stoke Rochford Hall and is on 9th October where outline Cllr. Mathew Lee’s plans for economic growth throughout the district. So far 6 BiB members are going, so if you would like to attend, please let me know and I will liaise with other members for lifts etc.

SKDC is anticipating that the Gov’t White Paper to be release on Friday will announce an increase of 25% in new house building. This will have a major impact on the District.

SKDC local plan is steaming ahead.

SKDC news also confirmed that progress good with the new cinema project in Grantham.

Stamford Georgian Festival is coming up, celebrating Stamford’s 50th anniversary as a Conservation Town. Lots of events some to book and pay for others free of charge. Beware the famous Stamford

Tapas bar now open in North St. Paul has had several recommendations and it has been decided that this will be the venue for the BiB Xmas dinner on the 18th December 2017, further details to follow

Bull Run and its ferocious papier mache bull!

. From last meeting

Claire Saunders wanted to add that she has found Peninsular [HR support services] very helpful. This item caused some debate about HR companies struggle with terminating contracts. Since Tuesday’s meeting, my wife, Diane, attended the session at Stoke Rochford and felt it was a great help and highly recommended we implement a lot of their action plans. We are going to speak to them further due to the amount of employees my business has. If you would like to speak to Diane further about this, please let me know. Details on Peninsula are on this link, however Noreen mentioned that she has plenty of contacts in this field

William confirmed that the luxury goods “outlet centre” is planned for a site at the junction of the A1 and the new A52 by-pass. This plan still has some way to go before it is confirmed. William also confirmed that this will be the site of a new “garden village.”

M&S now not arriving in Bourne until the New Year.

. Business tips

Sainsbury’s have now opened an Argos in store in Bourne. Delivery service is reportedly very good and possibly superior to Amazon Prime.

. Speaker of the Night

Noreen Read is the Business Growth Advisor for “Business Lincolnshire Support” which is part of a nation-wide network aimed at assisting SMEs start and develop their businesses. She covers the SK, South Holland and Boston area bit has colleagues covering the rest of Lincs. They also provide a signposting [to other agencies/orgs which can help businesses], a website offering guidance and information, and they are experts at applying for grants.

Typically, she would take a new client through a process of; light touch advice and signposting and then if the client wished to do so; information gathering and giving, diagnosis, research, action planning, grant support, review and client management

Noreen handed out an explanatory leaflet. For more information; or email to Noreen is clearly the person to speak to regarding expanding your growing business.

Members thanked her for her information

Meeting close at 20.00

Next meeting Tuesday 17th October

By bournebc, Sep 20 2017 08:53AM

BootRun in Burghley Park.

Great combination of Bootcamp and running exercises.

10.30 beginners BootRun

12.00 BootRun

Ladies only sessions meeting in the bottom right corner of the car park in front of Burghley House.

Children are welcome to play along side.

Cost £5

By bournebc, Jun 22 2017 11:46AM

A very quick introduction was given by each member giving their name and their company name.

· MEMBERSHIP PACKS – Each member will receive a membership pack which will include a full list of members, a badge with your name printed on it. Do you have any goodies/promotional vouchers etc, you could add into the pack? Please contact Mark Darby on for more details. Please drop off any items to either Claire Saberton or Joanne Dolby

· WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:- Bourne in Business website has been modernised, it comes to the top of a Google search. BIB news is a feature where it is an open blog for upcoming events and latest offers, Taff will scan your Facebook pages for your news but feel free to contact him so he can keep this up to date for you. We also have a member to member offers page and would advise that is your responsibility to quote these exclusive offers when requesting a service or product from other members. Please contact for more details Taff Lovesey –

· BOURNE EVENTS TEAM:- The Bourne Classic Car & Bike Carnival on Sunday 18th June was a huge success with around 4000 people attending. The whole day ran smoothly and there was lots of marshalling on hand to help. The event brought Bourne to life. If you would like to take part, sponsor the event or advertise in the programme next year please contact Claire Saberton on BIB sponsored £500 towards the event and the events team would like to say a huge thanks to all involved.

· TIPS AND SHARING:- Claire Saberton talked briefly on how she attended Renu's open evening where they promoted a new skin care range, she thoroughly enjoyed her treatment and highly recommends women or men to treat their partners to a pampering session.

-Barry Cook from Elsea PArk Community Trust shared that they have links with training academies who offered up to £16000 worth of free training for their apprentices in a year.

-William Tse of SKDC talked about LEP, developing business links and an email with more information will be circulated.

-Keith Reid shared everyone a good stretch to do whilst seated in your office.

-Paul Fellows, Major for Bourne is offering a day’s service of work, work in a company for the day and any donations will go towards the Town Hall Project for an Arts Centre. If you would like to contact Paul –

-Emma Goldsmith has asked if anyone has any ideas for a charity decorating project in Bourne to email her and K Goldsmith & Daughters will employ Paul Fellows for a day or two to support his cause at the same time.

- Jessica of Lincoln University explained briefly about their Business Support Programme for micro small to SME's, it's European funded and will email Paul Ross to circulate further information and details.

· HELP/SUPPORT/ADVICE:- What help/Support/Advice would you like? Please let us know so we can help you.


Thank you to Councillor Mike King, Councillor Nick Robins and Steve Ingram of SKDC for their talk on their brand new local plan in making provisions for more housing, strategic employment sites and the idea of introducing 'Pop-up Shops'. Their plan will go to Cabinet today and there will be an all day and evening 'drop-in' in Bourne on the 20th July, location to be confirmed. The plan they propose goes up to 2036 and they're looking into modern council hoses, rental market, shared equity and a whole range of products. 235 social housing will be offered and starter homes are being considered. Concerns were expressed by the group about the impact on our infrastructure such as putting pressure on our facilities such as doctors, schools, etc. From the 3rd July the public can put their concerns in writing and submit to SKDC. Villages are restricted to develop due to a complex policy. There is a rumour that Kwik Fit may come to the old ATS site. SKDC talked about the 'Big Clean' starting in Autumn and

Paul Fellows mention that Bourne has been entered for 'Bourne in Bloom'.

The town hall will be open to the public on the 19th July and the children are making butterflies to signify 'Rebirth'.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th July 2017 at 6pm at The Angel, down stairs in the Coffee shop.

By bournebc, Jun 22 2017 09:35AM

Following on from this week's meeting, I agreed for wider circulation of my email to the members and would be grateful if you were able to action this. My assistance is to support the development of the organisations within the district in the work they are undertaking. From my position here at SKDC, we are working with organisations such as the Local Enterprise partnerships going north towards Lincoln and south towards Cambridge / Peterborough. The area of SKDC is part of 2 Local Enterprise partnerships and as such, there is a comprehensive network which includes funding and business support for all organisations in the SKDC area. These cover energy efficiency, procurement support, rural grant funding for a variety of purposes and community development grants for local organisations. The support is wide ranging and covers businesses from micro to large. My role in this is similar to a broker where I seek to find a best fit support strand for the business. Jessica’s discussion regarding innovation is one strand of the support amongst a myriad of schemes and it can often take businesses a long time to filter through the available schemes. For a comprehensive listing of the packages, please see the below links from the organisations offering help and advice. I am also able to contact individual organisations with a view to bring them along to meetings should you wish to have a specific focus for discussion e.g. rural grant funding or procurement support.

Greater Lincolnshire Business Support:

Greater Cambridge greater Peterborough Business Support:

The other strand I spoke about was the ability to act as a conduit for the local authority when it comes to engaging the council in matters pertaining to the services we provide. I can act as a sounding board initially to filter any enquiries and to progress the matter with the relevant contact in planning, environmental health, licensing, business rates or any other team which may be able to support. This should then help to pinpoint a contact or alternatively, I am able co-ordinate a comprehensive response from the various teams.

On a separate note regarding business rates, as explained by Steve last night, we operate as a collecting agent for the central government but over the next few years, the government is giving some of the governance of business rates to the local districts. SKDC will look at whether any changes to the current structure may affect local businesses. We are still working through the financial changes to business rates and I can keep you updated on this.

Other than the above, I hope the members were able to take away some useful information on the local area and I look forward to meeting you and the wider group again soon!

All the best,

William Tse

Spatial & Economic Growth