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BiB Minutes 19th September

By bournebc, Sep 22 2017 05:59PM

Below are the minutes from the last meeting and in Joanne’s absence were compiled by Peter Jackson, which we’re very grateful for – thank you, Peter

Minutes of the Bourne in Business members meeting 19 September 2017 6pm at The Angel Hotel

. Welcome to all and, in particular, new members.

. Introduction to individual businesses.

. Paul reminded us about the BiB “goodie bags”, these will be available in the near future.

. Local News;

SKDC is holding an evening event to consult local businesses on the new SKDC Development Plan. The venue is Stoke Rochford Hall and is on 9th October where outline Cllr. Mathew Lee’s plans for economic growth throughout the district. So far 6 BiB members are going, so if you would like to attend, please let me know and I will liaise with other members for lifts etc.

SKDC is anticipating that the Gov’t White Paper to be release on Friday will announce an increase of 25% in new house building. This will have a major impact on the District.

SKDC local plan is steaming ahead.

SKDC news also confirmed that progress good with the new cinema project in Grantham.

Stamford Georgian Festival is coming up, celebrating Stamford’s 50th anniversary as a Conservation Town. Lots of events some to book and pay for others free of charge. Beware the famous Stamford

Tapas bar now open in North St. Paul has had several recommendations and it has been decided that this will be the venue for the BiB Xmas dinner on the 18th December 2017, further details to follow

Bull Run and its ferocious papier mache bull!

. From last meeting

Claire Saunders wanted to add that she has found Peninsular [HR support services] very helpful. This item caused some debate about HR companies struggle with terminating contracts. Since Tuesday’s meeting, my wife, Diane, attended the session at Stoke Rochford and felt it was a great help and highly recommended we implement a lot of their action plans. We are going to speak to them further due to the amount of employees my business has. If you would like to speak to Diane further about this, please let me know. Details on Peninsula are on this link, however Noreen mentioned that she has plenty of contacts in this field

William confirmed that the luxury goods “outlet centre” is planned for a site at the junction of the A1 and the new A52 by-pass. This plan still has some way to go before it is confirmed. William also confirmed that this will be the site of a new “garden village.”

M&S now not arriving in Bourne until the New Year.

. Business tips

Sainsbury’s have now opened an Argos in store in Bourne. Delivery service is reportedly very good and possibly superior to Amazon Prime.

. Speaker of the Night

Noreen Read is the Business Growth Advisor for “Business Lincolnshire Support” which is part of a nation-wide network aimed at assisting SMEs start and develop their businesses. She covers the SK, South Holland and Boston area bit has colleagues covering the rest of Lincs. They also provide a signposting [to other agencies/orgs which can help businesses], a website offering guidance and information, and they are experts at applying for grants.

Typically, she would take a new client through a process of; light touch advice and signposting and then if the client wished to do so; information gathering and giving, diagnosis, research, action planning, grant support, review and client management

Noreen handed out an explanatory leaflet. For more information; or email to Noreen is clearly the person to speak to regarding expanding your growing business.

Members thanked her for her information

Meeting close at 20.00

Next meeting Tuesday 17th October

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