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Jason Skinner Ridespin

By bournebc, Jun 16 2017 11:24AM

Jsut received this from member Jason Skinner:-

Just wanted to thank you and all the guys at Bourne in Business for your support and help during and the making of @Ridespain charity ride. I have attached some pictures for you and the guys.

We completed the ride in 15 days cycling, we are both fine, no injuries or stiffness or anything (to both our amazement).......we loved cycling through the stunning French country side and villages and towns, the weather was also pretty kind to us too, we only got soaked 3 times. One of the toughest stages was when we crossed the mountains from France into Spain we climbed and climbed until we hit the top the weather was wet and cold and I think this helped us in the end. Spain was a different beast all together it was hot and barren and some days we just cycled slowly up hill for 90 was stunning when we hit the coast and saw the lovely sea and sand, but once we turned inland for the last 2 stages the heat picked up again and hit 40 degrees....we set off most morning at at sun raise so we could make best of the cooler temps but by 9 o'clock it was already in the 30`s.....the last day was by far the hardest we had bad roads and really hot temperatures and the 94miles seem to take for ever...but we made it and got a lovely reception from the mayor and people of Arboleas......if you want boring more just let me know and I can send you more detaiils.

Thanks again

Jay ---oh I think we are just close to have raised £10,000 for cancer research too

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