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SKDC Spatial & Economic Growth

By bournebc, Jun 22 2017 09:35AM

Following on from this week's meeting, I agreed for wider circulation of my email to the members and would be grateful if you were able to action this. My assistance is to support the development of the organisations within the district in the work they are undertaking. From my position here at SKDC, we are working with organisations such as the Local Enterprise partnerships going north towards Lincoln and south towards Cambridge / Peterborough. The area of SKDC is part of 2 Local Enterprise partnerships and as such, there is a comprehensive network which includes funding and business support for all organisations in the SKDC area. These cover energy efficiency, procurement support, rural grant funding for a variety of purposes and community development grants for local organisations. The support is wide ranging and covers businesses from micro to large. My role in this is similar to a broker where I seek to find a best fit support strand for the business. Jessica’s discussion regarding innovation is one strand of the support amongst a myriad of schemes and it can often take businesses a long time to filter through the available schemes. For a comprehensive listing of the packages, please see the below links from the organisations offering help and advice. I am also able to contact individual organisations with a view to bring them along to meetings should you wish to have a specific focus for discussion e.g. rural grant funding or procurement support.

Greater Lincolnshire Business Support:

Greater Cambridge greater Peterborough Business Support:

The other strand I spoke about was the ability to act as a conduit for the local authority when it comes to engaging the council in matters pertaining to the services we provide. I can act as a sounding board initially to filter any enquiries and to progress the matter with the relevant contact in planning, environmental health, licensing, business rates or any other team which may be able to support. This should then help to pinpoint a contact or alternatively, I am able co-ordinate a comprehensive response from the various teams.

On a separate note regarding business rates, as explained by Steve last night, we operate as a collecting agent for the central government but over the next few years, the government is giving some of the governance of business rates to the local districts. SKDC will look at whether any changes to the current structure may affect local businesses. We are still working through the financial changes to business rates and I can keep you updated on this.

Other than the above, I hope the members were able to take away some useful information on the local area and I look forward to meeting you and the wider group again soon!

All the best,

William Tse

Spatial & Economic Growth

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