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By bournebc, May 12 2017 02:17PM

To raise awareness of mental health week, Nicole at Hummingbird is running a FREE workshop. Including a brief overview of the importance of our state of mind and the benefits of relaxation and time out.

All welcome. If you wish to attend please get in touch with Nicole to book at

Bring a mat, pillow and blanket. The more the merrier.

Relaxation therapy Bourne
Relaxation therapy Bourne

By bournebc, Apr 28 2017 08:00AM

We enjoyed an excellent launch of the new Bourne in Business on 27th April. The meeting was well attended and the participation and opinions expressed will help the group build a forum that is of benefit to all involved and to Bourne as a community.

By guest, Apr 21 2017 12:50PM

In 2006, Ivan Fuller decided to launch a new networking club in Bourne called the Bourne Business Club and this ran successfully with the help from Norman Stroud. Ivan decided to pass control onto John Lawrence (who used to own Deeping Travel) and he merged the Bourne Business Club and The Bourne Trade and Commerce and then relaunched the 2 clubs calling it The Bourne Business Chamber. Unfortunately, John’s business had to close and he then passed control onto Tim Armstrong, Kevin Hicks and Paul Ross. Kevin Hicks was chairman for just over a year and then Paul Ross took over in 2011 and has remained chairman ever since, with the help of Joanne Dolby and Taff Lovesey

The club has run very well and membership reached 80, which isn’t bad for a small town like Bourne. However, after discussions with the committee and being the innovative people we are, we have decided to revamp the club and Claire Saberton suggested we call the club “Bourne In Business”. We have formed a new committee which consists of Peter Jackson, Mark Darby, Claire Saberton, Joanne Dolby, Taff Lovesey and Paul Ross. The website, will continue to be maintained by Taff

The Aims and Objectives of the club are to promote Bourne in terms of trade and commerce and to provide a business platform for local entrepreneurs and professionals to discuss their business issues, share ideas and grow their businesses. We will hold monthly meetings for local business leaders, providing an informal forum arena for discussion and networking