BiB June Meeting

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We held our monthly meeting at the Angel Hotel, Bourne. Here is a round-up of the evening.

Paul gave a warm welcome to everyone especially those who attended for the first time; WELCOME.

Local News

Bourne Classic Car festival went and was very well attended. Congrats to the organisers; Claire and Joanne.

Lincolnshire Life will shortly be featuring Bourne and are looking for features, articles and adverts; see Paul’s emails for contact details.

The Town Hall continues to receive praise for its facilities and events.

The trip to Grimsthorpe Castle has been confirmed for the 23 July gathering at 6.00pm. Full price is £15.00 but members go half price. Please contact Paul or Joanne, however Joanne will email you.

Paul has discovered Baldock’s Mill and was so impressed we’ll be having a meeting there in March 20. It is well worth a visit.

Andrew Norman, the Head of SK Invest gave his apologies for tonight’s meeting but Will be attending in August to update us on SKDC’s programme of generating business growth in South Kesteven.

Preparations for the Bourne CICLE Event over the w/e 31 August are going well and work on Lincs Heritage’s Guided Walks festival in South Lincs in October has begun, more at the next meeting.

Stamford’s Georgian Festival is on from 26 to 29 Sept this year.

No news of the Weatherspoon’s development.

Tim Baker is progressing well on the updating of the BiB website and will be contacting members to improve the information about our businesses.

Coleen’s excellent electrician’s business has now moved to the Hen House in Witham on the Hill.

Dyke’s excellent Scarecrow festival is scheduled for the 7th and 8th Sept; this is a must attend!

A Sponsored Toddle is being run by in the Town Hall for details see the website, although you can email Carla for further details:

Following last months visit to Delaine Buses, if you’re stuck to entertain your old folks, why don’t you take them to Delaine’s museum, open on the second Saturday of the month between 12 and 4. It’s a good hour or 2 out.

Our Speaker

Craig Tulip of the Utilities Warehouse gave us a “How not to get burnt by the Energy Suppliers” featuring what to look for when changing provider or being offered new tariff deals – tempting for new customers but not available for existing customers. Also, to watch out for those providers claiming to offer a green deal or tariff, this requires careful research.

Craig also focused on Smart Meters. He emphasized that these are not a legal required, there have been problems with installations and that some meters will not work with a new provider. “Smart meters will only save you money if you use less electricity!”

Craig also had some advice about solar panels; be aware that the Gov’t payment for feed into the grid is stopping soon unless you have a smart meter! 

Despite all the pitfalls Craig emphasised that it is possible to reduce your bills for example his own were two thirds of the national average. So, if you want to know how, give him a call.

Where do you meet?

The Bourne in Business club normally meets at the The Angel Hotel in Bourne, Lincolnshire. However, from time to time we do visit and hold meetings in different locations.

You can find the location of each meeting on each event.

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