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Write the content for your marketing communications. Provide practical help with understanding and implementing GDPR

Business Sector

Copywriting and data protection

Key Services

  • Writing the words for a range of marketing communications
  • Plan and deliver online and offline marketing campaigns
  • GDPR auditing, compliance and training


  • Experienced marketers who specialise in copywriting and data protection
  • Create copy for a range of online and offline marketing communications
  • Adapt the style and tone of voice to suit your brand
  • Marketing campaign planning and delivery
  • Bespoke business audits to assess level of compliance with GDPR
  • Provide GDPR process, documentation and training support
  • Keep you and your business up to date with the latest GDPR developments

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Where do you meet?

The Bourne in Business club normally meets at the The Angel Hotel in Bourne, Lincolnshire. However, from time to time we do visit and hold meetings in different locations.

You can find the location of each meeting on each event.

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